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29 Sep' 20 Labour MP, Ruth Dyson visits our Christchurch office
Yvonna 0 7724
Pacific Vision was very happy to welcome Labour MP for Port Hills, Ruth Dyson, to their office in Woolston, Christchurch on September 29th to discuss the issues facing people who are blind or vision impaired.Ruth has had several ministerial roles, in..
03 Sep' 20 Polaris Firmware Upgrade | HIMS
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Pacific Vision is pleased to announce this much-anticipated maintenance release for Polaris 3.4. This build contains several math fixes, as well as upgrades to our stock android apps, and several other general enhancements. We’ve also added the ab..
28 Aug' 20 New JAWS Update (August2020)
Yvonna 0
Enhancements in JAWS 2020.2008.24 (August 2020)The following is a list of improvements made between the June 2020 release and the August 2020 update. Once you have installed this August 2020 update, the English language versions will now includ..
16 Jul' 20 Introducing new product range!!
Yvonna 0 947
Welcome to our Pacific Vision New Zealand newsletter. The Assistive Technology continues to evolve at an astounding rate designing and creating, very smart, life-changing devices. We put in a lot of effort to keep up to date with new available pro..
29 Jun' 20 New JAWS Update (June 2020)
Yvonna 0
Enhancements in JAWS 2020.2006.12 (June 2020)The following is a list of improvements made between the April 2020 release and the June 2020 update.Updated Braille and Text ViewersFor many years, the JAWS Braille Viewer has been a very helpful tool for..
29 Apr' 20 Focus Blue 5th Gen Firmware Update
Yvonna 0 215
Focus Blue 5th Generation Firmware DownloadsUse this page to download the latest firmware for your Focus Blue 5th Generation refreshable braille display. For more information on using the Focus Blue, visit the Focus Blue Braille Display Training web ..
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