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Returning to study was a daunting prospect, I wasn't sure what I would need equipment wise to help with my studies. The staff at Pacific Vision have been so helpful and listened to what my concerns were before recommending any equipment. I recently purchased Magic software, a Ruby HD7 inch and a Magic keyboard. This new equipment has changed my life, not only am I finding it much much easier to type up my essays and read notes and books, the Ruby helps me read menus and food packages as well as recently being able to play a board game with a little friend of mine, he is 3 and so can't read the cards and without the Ruby nor could I. With the Ruby we were able to play our game and then read his books. The Magic software is easy to use, the only fault I've found is that it doesn't magically write my papers for me. The staff at Pacific Vision are very patient and helpful. I would suggest anyone who is looking for help with this type of equipment to give them a call.

I have now received 2 products from Pacific Vision and both times I have had great service. My Braille U2 QWERTY was funded through NDIS and PVI staff have shown patience in explaining and helping me when I get stuck with using my QWERTY. I have been able to use this in many situations, taking notes at meetings, using dot points for prompts at forums and using the Braille display to read out questions in interviews. The Beetle is my second purchase from PVI, very sleek, compact and hides itself very well in my backpack. This little note taker allows me freedom and privacy when traveling on public transport. Thank you Pacific Vision for your great products.
I received wonderful treatment from the Pacific Vision staff when I decided to have a demonstration of a product with the Sera CE. It was no problem at all for Trish to come to my home and set it up for me and Trish's patience was very much appreciated. Recommend this company to any blind or vision impaired person.
I have got Chantelle for my training and she is a really nice teacher and a nice person as well. I am finding my braille sense very useful and love using it. Hope to hear from you soon.