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Portable Devices

Brand: Envision Model: Envision Glasses
Let your glasses speak to you!Envision Glasses use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to tell blind users what they're looking at.They use the power of speech to make everyday life more accessible for any visual impairment.Envision Glasses brings the award winning software to smart glasses, enabling an un..
Ex Tax:$4,260.00 NZD
Brand: Freedom Scientific Model: omniReader
PORTABLE SCANNING AND READING SOLUTION WITH DISPLAY The omniReader is a portable scanning and reading device that makes printed text accessible for people who are blind or have low vision. You can follow the magnified text in high-contrast colours on the built-in screen, or simply listen as the omni..
Ex Tax:$5,601.00 NZD
Sense Player OCR ET
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Brand: Hims Model: SensePlayer OCR
ACCESSIBLE, PORTABLE MULTI-MEDIA PLAYER WITH UNIQUE EXTRAS.SensePlayer OCR ET is an advanced, accessible multi-media player, high quality field recorder, handheld tactile keyboard for your smart phone and tablet, and customised portable OCR device, all in a unit smaller and lighter than most modern ..
Ex Tax:$1,116.00 NZD
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