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Pacific Vision offers a wide range of product solutions, from portable and desktop CCTVs to hand magnifiers, computer accessories including keyboards and software, media players, Daisy readers as well as variety of Braille equipment.

Our mission is to supply products solutions that meet the needs of those living with vision impairment.

Ruby 4.3
Handheld Video Magnifier with Clear, Vivid Image and No Distortion The Ruby 4.3 handheld video magnifier is small and lightweight enough to fit into a..
$794.65 NZD $852.15 NZD
Ex Tax:$691.00 NZD
HD Video Magnifier in Ultra-Portable Package The RUBY XL HD has a larger screen and a high-definition camera for the sharpest possible image. RUBY XL ..
Ex Tax:$1,623.00 NZD
The Portable Ruby 7 HD Handheld Electronic Magnifier makes reading easierA large 7-Inch Screen, with high-definition image and enhanced functionality ..
Ex Tax:$2,160.00 NZD
Pebble 4.3 HD
The Only HD Handheld Magnifier You'll Ever Need!HD - Lightweight - Portable Pebble HD boasts a new HD camera providing a crisp, clear, colorful, high ..
$940.70 NZD $1,388.05 NZD
Ex Tax:$818.00 NZD
THE FIRST ELECTRONIC PORTABLE MAGNIFIER WITH AN INTUITIVE 5 INCH TOUCH SCREEN! The Looky 5 incorporates a bright, vibrant and intuitive touch screen p..
Ex Tax:$1,206.00 NZD
Crystal-clear image, both on your desk and at a distance Incorporating a superb 10.1"display, the Looky 10 produces crystal clear Full HD (1080p) imag..
Ex Tax:$3,258.00 NZD
Crystal-clear image, both on your desk and at a distance Incorporating a superb 10.1” display, the Looky 10 produces crystal clear Full HD (1080p) im..
Ex Tax:$3,541.00 NZD
Reading standNow available for the Looky 10. A light-weight reading stand to make reading and writing easier than ever. The Looky 10 stand provides am..
Ex Tax:$369.00 NZD
Foldable 12.5" video magnifier with touchscreen navigation, distance camera & OCRThe Looky Book Pro has a vibrant 12.5 inch full HD touch screen a..
Ex Tax:$4,858.00 NZD
Looky Basic - a small, portable electronic magnifier The Looky Basic is a small, portable electronic magnifier which you can use to view and enlarge t..
Ex Tax:$598.00 NZD
Traveller HD (NZ)
READ ANYWHERE WITH THE PORTABLE AND VERSATILE TRAVELLER HD Take it anywhere The Traveller HD allows you to comfortably read letters, newspapers and ot..
$4,347.00 NZD $7,587.70 NZD
Ex Tax:$3,780.00 NZD
With its large 10" screen, customizable features and intuitive operation, the Compact 10 HD offers all benefits of a desktop video magnifier, but in a..
Ex Tax:$3,096.00 NZD
With its large 10" screen, customizable features, intuitive operation, and full page Text-to-Speech, the Compact 10 HD Speech offers all benefits of a..
Ex Tax:$4,593.00 NZD
Full-featured video magnifier in a compact, portable designIntroducing a new Freedom Scientific portable video magnifier, the TOPAZ Ultra, featuring ..
Ex Tax:$4,845.00 NZD
Transformer HD with Wi-Fi and OCR
Transformer HD is a high performance portable video magnifier (CCTV), featuring a Sony and Full HD 1080p 3-in-1 camera, and Wi-Fi capability. Transfor..
Ex Tax:$5,718.00 NZD
PORTABLE SCANNING AND READING SOLUTION WITH DISPLAY The omniReader is a portable scanning and reading device that makes printed text accessible for pe..
Ex Tax:$5,601.00 NZD
The Ultimate Desktop Video Magnifier The ergonomically designed TOPAZ XL HD desktop video magnifiers with easy to use accessible controls will have yo..
Ex Tax:$5,406.00 NZD
ON-THE-GO LOW VISION SOLUTIONS ONYX Deskset is ideal for clear, powerful magnification that is portable, adaptable, and easy to use. The Onyx can be e..
Ex Tax:$5,152.00 NZD
An Intuitive Video Magnifier that allows you to listen to, view and magnify text. The ONYX OCR magnifies and reads aloud any document. The clear voic..
Ex Tax:$5,647.00 NZD
Merlin Elite (HD)
See and hear the difference! Merlin elite is a high performance desktop video magnifier (CCTV), featuring HD and text-to-speech (OCR). High definition..
Ex Tax:$5,817.00 NZD
Merlin HD Ultra 20"
Merlin Ultra Full HD Video MagnifierSimple to use and great for reading and writing.The affordable Merlin Ultra offers full high-definition colour and..
$3,382.15 NZD $4,880.60 NZD
Ex Tax:$2,941.00 NZD
22-inch Full HD image with Glare-free screen and reflection-free lighting Incorporating a 22” screen the Acuity can be customized to suit the requ..
Ex Tax:$6,553.00 NZD
Enjoy faster reading and better comprehension with less fatigue Desktop Video Magnifier with OCR and Speech The TOPAZ OCR combines video magnification..
Ex Tax:$6,205.00 NZD
Let your glasses speak to you!Envision Glasses use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to tell blind users what they're looking at.They use the power of spee..
Ex Tax:$4,260.00 NZD
Scanning and Reading System for work, home and school!The PEARL camera, combined with OpenBook scanning and reading software, brings blind and low vis..
Ex Tax:$2,335.00 NZD
Instant Portable Access to Printed Material The folding PEARL camera deploys in seconds to connect to your PC and snap a picture of your reading mater..
Ex Tax:$805.00 NZD
Sense Player OCR ET
Hot NEW In Stock
ACCESSIBLE, PORTABLE MULTI-MEDIA PLAYER WITH UNIQUE EXTRAS.SensePlayer OCR ET is an advanced, accessible multi-media player, high quality field record..
Ex Tax:$1,116.00 NZD
Schweizer OKOLUX Plus
Schweizer ÖKOLUX PlusBattery operated illuminated stand magnifier with a 4 chip SMD LED available in 3 light temperatures.Tilt of 8 D magnification he..
Ex Tax:$0.00 NZD
Schweizer OKOLUX Plus Mobil
Hot Pre-Order
Schweizer OKOLUX Plus MobilLED illuminated hand magnifierPortable magnifier with multi-chip SMD LED in a choice of 3 light temperatures.Very brig..
Ex Tax:$0.00 NZD
Schweizer ERGO-Style
Aspheric Reading MagnifiersErgonomic reading magnifier in a revolutionary style.Ergonomic design supports hand and arm for a relaxed, stress-free..
Ex Tax:$0.00 NZD
INTRODUCING the all-new BrailleSense 6 NotetakerThe BrailleSense 6 is the most powerful notetaker in the world. Designed with the fastest hardware and..
Ex Tax:$10,980.00 NZD
Learning braille has never been easier.......or more fun! Taptilo is a smart braille education device that can transform the way braille is taught in ..
Ex Tax:$3,190.00 NZD
The new Notetaker that everyone is talking about… BrailleSense Polaris MINI offers a new standard in blind-friendly applications with the latest in cu..
Ex Tax:$7,594.00 NZD
The 11.6" On-Lap Monitor is a great choice for a portable second monitor, or to connect to our BrailleSense products giving access to teachers and col..
Ex Tax:$527.00 NZD
HYBRID BRAILLE Display: QWERTY+BRAILLE Together! QBraille XL introduces a new innovation to the Braille display market, offering blind users their nat..
Ex Tax:$6,290.00 NZD
Ultra-Portable Braille Display The Focus 14 Blue 5th Generation is a compact and robust 14-cell Braille Display drop tested to MIL-STD-810G and ready ..
Ex Tax:$3,106.00 NZD
Refreshable Braille Display The 5th Generation of the Focus 40 Blue is a durable, lightweight Braille Display drop tested to MIL-STD-810G and designed..
Ex Tax:$6,388.00 NZD
We offer a JAWS Software 90-day License for work.Please contact us for further details at
Ex Tax:$420.00 NZD
JAWS 2023 is now available! Check out the new features and improvements available in JAWS 2023.Jaws reads the screen aloudAWS, Job Access With Speech,..
Ex Tax:$3,536.00 NZD
Enhanced Scanning and Reading Software Making print and text accessible to the blind and those with low vision OpenBook converts printed documents, ..
Ex Tax:$1,850.00 NZD
ZoomText Magnifier is a fully integrated magnification program tailored for low vision users.Check out the new features and improvements available in ..
Ex Tax:$1,050.00 NZD
ZoomText Magnifier / Reader is a fully integrated magnification and reading program tailored for low vision users.Check out the new features and impro..
Ex Tax:$1,470.00 NZD
In Stock
We offer a FUSION 90-day License for work. This option provides 90 days of fully functional access to use Fusion Software...
Ex Tax:$420.00 NZD
Fusion 2023 is now available! Check out the new features and improvements available in Fusion 2023.The ultimate accessibility tool for individuals wit..
Ex Tax:$3,346.00 NZD
Fusion 2023 is now available! Check out the new features and improvements available in Fusion 2023.The ultimate accessibility tool for individuals wit..
Ex Tax:$4,415.00 NZD
Duxbury Braille Translation Software (DBT) is known for its easy of use and accurate translation, and is the world-wide leader for text (print) to bra..
Ex Tax:$1,292.00 NZD
The KEYS-U-SEE Large Print keyboards with white letters on black key and black letters on yellow keys.Though the print on the keys are large, the keys..
Ex Tax:$104.00 NZD
The ZoomText Keyboard is designed for people who struggle to see the lettering on their keyboard. The ZoomText large print keyboard makes typing faste..
Ex Tax:$257.00 NZD
The VP Columbia 2 is the perfect blend of tactile graphics and Braille at 120 CPS. Large format paper and industry-leading tactile graphics all in a c..
Ex Tax:$6,953.00 NZD
ViewPlus Delta 2
The VP Delta 2 is an inexpensive solution for high standards. It is a perfect blend of tactile graphics and Braille at 120 CPS. Large format paper and..
Ex Tax:$8,249.00 NZD