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Compact 6 HD (NZ)

Compact 6 HD (NZ)
Compact 6 HD (NZ)
Compact 6 HD (NZ)
Compact 6 HD (NZ)
Compact 6 HD (NZ)
Compact 6 HD (NZ)
Compact 6 HD (NZ)
Compact 6 HD (NZ)
Compact 6 HD (NZ)
Compact 6 HD (NZ)
Compact 6 HD (NZ)
Compact 6 HD (NZ)
Compact 6 HD (NZ)


The Compact 6 HD is more than just another electronic magnifier. Being only 14 mm thin, it is a pocket-sized, 6-inch touch screen magnifier that you can use at your desk, at a store, at home, at school, or at the office.

Enjoy superior magnification

With its two cameras, customizable touch screen buttons and interface, you can transform your Compact 6 HD and tailor it to your personal needs. Add the reading stand to read more comfortably at a desk or table, or use it without the reading stand for spot-reading and magnifying nearby objects.

Designed to meet your needs

With the Compact 6 HD, you can read magnified text in high contrast colours and view objects from a small distance. Thanks to its large 6-inch screen, you can fit more text on the screen for maximum overview. Ready to use within a second, the Compact 6 HD magnifies instantly after you turn it on.


  • View and magnify text, objects and photos
  • Small and pocket-sized design
  • More words on-screen for maximum overview
  • Easy to hold thanks to the ergonomically designed side grips
  • Instant on and ready to use within 1 second
  • Customisable button bars
  • Clock function
  • Designed to move smoothly over reading materials 

Option - With Speech


  • Large 6-inch high brightness touch screen
  • Continuous zoom: <0.5 to 21> times magnification
  • 2 High Definition auto-focus cameras for reading and viewing objects and photographs
  • High contrast semi-colours for easier reading (set up to 4 combinations from a possible choice of 16)
  • Reversible USB C connector for charging
  • Rechargeable battery offering an average of 3 hours continuous use
  • Dimensions: 183 x 95 x 14 mm / 7.2 x 3.7 x 0.55 in
  • Weight Compact 6 HD 270 grams / 9.5 ounces
  • Weight Reading Stand 110 grams / 3.0 ounce

$2,281.60 NZD
Ex Tax: $1,984.00 NZD
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  • Brand: Optelec
  • Model: Compact 6HD