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Lease Program

Our Pacific Vision Lease Program gives you a great opportunity to help make the low vision devices you need more affordable.


Key benefits of the lease program:

  • Affordable cost - e.g., the lease of Desktop CCTV Magnifiers starting from $14.10 a week / $61 a month
  • Reduced monthly cost after 2 years lease period on a variety of low vision devices (check our Price List below for more details)
  • Reduced monthly cost after 4 years & 5 months lease period to as little as $20 (applies to Topaz 20" HD & Merlin 20" Ultra Desktop Magnifiers)
  • Government funding may be available (Disability Allowance)
  • You can cancel your lease at any time with no penalty or cancellation fees (1 month notice period applies)
  • If you decide to buy the product within the first 3 months of the lease, you can use the amount you have already paid as a credit towards the purchase price
  • We provide unlimited technical support and repair

For more information about the lease program please contact us on 033 765 072 or email, or fill in the enquiry form below and click the submit button.

We will be in touch as soon as possible.

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